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Photo - event  Model-Sharing with 3 Models

and 3 historical cars

make stunning images with 3 Top female Models on 3 different sets with 3 historical cars and realize at the end your own photo with the 3 models together

on Saturday March 15th, 2020 from 10:00 AM ° Shooting Event-Model-Sharing

3 Models, 3 different sets and sexy styling with 3 historical cars.

Yves Kortum will set up 3 different stages with always 1 Model and will guide you through this event, gives you tips, guides the models aso.. There will be different groups of photographers.
Each photographer will be able to shoot with each Models and the group. Professional Makeup and styling provided, sexy fashion, latex...
From 10:00 til 12:30 you shoot the Models and then again from 13:30-16:00 you shoot single models, from 16-17:00 we will set up a photo with the 3 models together.

3 female Models, sexy fashion clothes, 3 historical cars

Price for the day 345.-€

maximum 9 places, groups of 3 per set up and per Model

Adress of the day Fond de Gras ​

Make-up, styling, 3 Models, 3 historical cars, food, sexy fashion combined with hot Latex.. Rights to publish the photos on a non commercial basis included in the price.

Masterclass held in 4 languages, french, english, german or luxemburgish

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